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Online Japanese Chinese Kanji Character Dictionary
A comprehensive, illustrated dictionary with etymologies, pictographs & definitions in English, displaying also Hiragana and Katakana, the Kana used in Nihongo

Comprehensive Online Japanese Chinese Kanji Character Dictionary of Dictionaries
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  Earth plus an abbreviated form of grass/plant, indicating fresh, slender grass shoots. The many associated meanings include birth, life, new, fresh, sprout, raw, alive, by nature, youth, unripe, pure, bear fruit, spare a life, bring back to life, make use of, make a living, be/remain valid, arrange flowers/plants, grow, and undiluted. (Part 2 of 2) Watch kanji video »
adds sun/day (an abbreviated form of a conflation of three stars) to indicate fresh, bright, invigorating starlight. Thus the meaning of star.
adds bamboo to indicate a bamboo instrument producing a fresh sound. Flute and reed instrument are associated meanings.
adds pennant/banner to indicate a pennant composed of a string of vivid (= freshly colored) feathers. Make clear/evident (someone's meritorious deeds) is by association with "vivid." Express is an extended meaning.
Birth; life
adds an abbreviated form of a character meaning "handsome or well-formed" to signify "(well-formed), locally grown, life-sustaining product." Childbirth, produce, production, one's birthplace etc. are associated meanings.
adds rat/mouse to indicate a weasel, in the sense of a creature with comparatively large litters.
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Kanji with the same ON (Sino-Japanese) reading are often conceptually related. What is the principal ON reading of 名 (name; call), 命 (life) and 明 (bright; clear), all of which derive from the idea "bring out of darkness"?

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