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An Etymological Dictionary of Chinese Character Interpretations
By Lawrence J. Howell

– Covering more than 6,500 Chinese characters as used in Japan –

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下 (3)   カ ; ゲ    お(りる・ろす); くだ(さる・す・る); さ(がる・げる); した; しも    S/B

S/B is an ideograph showing one line below another, suggesting the idea of under (contrast ) → low; lower; below; down; subordinate; descend. Extended meanings from "down" or "below" include come/go down; fall; drop; hang (down/from); hand down; younger; have diarrhea; abort (a fetus); step/move back; withdraw; leave the capital; retire and surrender. By further extension are carry, remove and clear a table (← take down from a table); grate (← grated shavings that fall below); give and do someone the favor of (← hand ← hand down); obtain (← be handed/given); and latter half (← bottom/lower of two halves).
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